Vancouver's War Baby Share New Song "Dirtbag" from Upcoming LP 'You Are Not Here'

Vancouver's War Baby Share New Song 'Dirtbag' from Upcoming LP 'You Are Not Here'
It's been three years since Vancouver rock'n'rollers War Baby shared their Coma Kid EP, and now they're back with another album's worth of fist-pumping, guitar-driven anthems.

The new record is called You Are Not Here, and it's being previewed with a stream of the first single "Dirtbag." The track can be blasted in all of its brief-yet-satisfying glory below.

You Are Not Here was recorded with Jordan Koop at the Noise Floor. The band had arrived at the studio with a full album ready to record, but decided to scrap all of the songs and write a new one while they recorded. Album opener "Permanent Guest" features guest vocals from Keeley Rochon of Dead Soft

Of the release, War Baby shared the following statement:

The making of this record was the most organically simple and beautiful experience we have ever had. We just went in, and tapped into a collective stream of consciences and with very little to no conversation, just let whatever that was spew out of us. This was a super collaborative record. We were learning, finishing and creating the songs in the studio and we think it worked super well for the outcome. And it was the most fun of the three full length recordings we have done. The title You Are Not Here has whatever meaning you want it to have, but if you are certain that you are.... we would love to know how?

You Are Not Here will arrive on March 20 via Kingfisher Bluez. It can be pre-ordered here. They'll also play a record release show at the Rickshaw Theatre on March 27. Details of that event can be found here

You Are Not Here:

1. Permanent Guest
2. Pipedown
3. Never Marigold
4. Dirtbag
5. Forever Heavy
6. Glue
7. Sentimental
8. A Mass Of Dead Tissue
9. Incantations
10. The New Happiness
11. Renovicted
12. Sleepwalking
13. Whatever You Want
14. Come To Pass