Viral Tween Girl Band the Linda Lindas Sign to Epitaph Records

The L.A. punk quartet will soon make their TV debut on 'Kimmel'
Viral Tween Girl Band the Linda Lindas Sign to Epitaph Records
After going viral last week for their performance of "Racist, Sexist Boy," tween riot grrrl band the Linda Lindas have scored themselves a record deal with Epitaph.

Last year, the punk quartet formed by Mila (age 10), Eloise (13), Lucia (14) and Bela (16) independently released their debut self-titled EP, before going on to cameo in Amy Poehler's riot grrrl-themed Netflix movie, Moxie. This month, the group rose to viral fame for their AAPI Heritage Month event at the L.A. Public Library, though according to Epitaph, the band were already on the label's radar several months before that.

"Epitaph offered us full creative control and they're really supportive of what we want to do as a band," vocalist/guitarist Lucia said of the deal in a statement. "We're really happy about signing with them, and we can't wait to put out more music."

Eloise added: "We knew the song would get a good reaction, but we never imagined this. Even though we started the band for fun, now it feels we can actually make a difference with what we're doing."

Since their livestream performance of "Racist, Sexist Boy" for the L.A. Public Library, the Linda Lindas have exploded online. Even Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello gave the group a virtual shout-out, calling their track the "song of the day."

In addition to their new record deal, the group are now scheduled to make their late-night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 3. 

Revisit their library performance below, and stay tuned for new music from the Linda Lindas.