​Unknown Mortal Orchestra Plot Instrumental Album 'IC-01 Hanoi'

​Unknown Mortal Orchestra Plot Instrumental Album 'IC-01 Hanoi'
Unknown Mortal Orchestra have revealed plans for a new instrumental album called IC-01 Hanoi. It's due out October 26 via Jagjaguwar.
The seven-song offering is comprised of sessions from Sex & Food, which was recorded at Pha Sa Studios in Hanoi.

In addition to bandmates Ruban Nielson, Kody Nielson and Jacob Portrait, the Neilsons' father Chris and local musician Minh Nguyen also contributed to the album.
IC-01 Hanoi draws influence from jazz, Krautrock and the avant garde, specifically using Miles Davis' more experimental works as a touchstone.
The first listen to the band's experimental instrumental album arrives with "Hanoi 6." Listen to the free-wheeling track below.
IC-01 Hanoi:
1. Hanoi 1
2. Hanoi 2
3. Hanoi 3
4. Hanoi 4
5. Hanoi 5
6. Hanoi 6
7. Hanoi 7