Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright Announces Debut Solo LP

Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright Announces Debut Solo LP
When he's not playing keyboards with Tokyo Police Club, Graham Wright spends his time recording gentle acoustic tracks under his own name. He's already put out The Lakes of Alberta -- a 2008 EP about an extra-marital affair -- and a one-off digital single, among other releases. Now, Wright will be giving his solo material the LP treatment, as he is gearing up to drop Shirts Vs. Skins on June 28 via File Under: Music.

According to a press release, the album "is full of raw emotion, swinging wildly from abject misery to pure joy" and was written during a prolific period in which Wright penned more than 60 songs. He laid some of these down with Dean Marino and Jay Sadlowski at Toronto's Chemical Sound Recording Studio.

The 12 songs that made the final cut are apparently "funny, playful, and nostalgic," with the record promising to be steeped in Canadiana, as the song titles include "Canadian Thanksgiving" and "Evening Train from Kingston Station."

See the tracklist below and the cover art above.

Shirts Vs. Skins:

1. "Chucklefucks"
2. "Heavens Just for Movie Makers"
3. "Soviet Race"
4. "Your Heart Is My Heart"
5. "Leftovers"
6. "Keys to the Kingdom"
7. "Canadian Thanksgiving"
8. "Something Stupid"
9. "Potassium Blast"
10. "Evening Train from Kingston Station"
11. "Bird of a Feather"
12. "No Hard Feelings"