Sloan's Chris Murphy Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy

He noticed that his "mouth seemed imbalanced" earlier this month
Sloan's Chris Murphy Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy
Sloan frontman Chris Murphy has been diagnosed with Bell's palsy after first feeling symptoms of the condition back on January 11.

In a new Instagram post, the artist shared photos comparing the half of his face that was affected with the side that wasn't, but joked that "it's probably the best time this could happen," as we continue to mask-up in public during the pandemic.

"I noticed my mouth seemed imbalanced and I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy that evening at emerge," Murphy wrote, "meaning one side of my face is paralyzed. Tough break for a guy who has clearly traded on his looks! Ha!"

He also shared that he now has to sleep with his eye taped shut to combat the muscle weakness in his face. Reassuring fans that he has "a great doctor" who is on top of his treatment, the artist remains "optimistic that [his] face muscles will reanimate," though he added that full recovery is "not guaranteed and it mightn't happen for a few months, regardless."

See his post below, and be sure to wish him good luck on his recovery.

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