Sloan Unveil Their First B-Sides Compilation

'B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992-1997' is limited to 1,200 copies on blue vinyl
Sloan Unveil Their First B-Sides Compilation
Canadian power-pop kings Sloan returned with "Silence Trumps Lies" last month, and now they're back with another treat. Specifically, they've released their first-ever B-sides collection.

Simply called B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992-1997, the collection includes nine tracks, many of which have never been released on vinyl before. These include the original Hear & Now version of "Underwhelmed," alternate versions of "Stood Up" and "Same Old Flame" and plenty of other treats.

Here's how the band's Jay Ferguson describes the compilation:

However!!…It's not uncommon for the B-side to rise to the occasion and compete one to one with the A-side and become a classic unto itself. "How Soon Is Now?" by the Smiths, "Fools Gold" by the Stone Roses and even "Maggie May" by Rod the Mod all first appeared as B-Sides that were soon flipped over and given the acclaim that they deserved. Now, I don't know if any of our songs on this vinyl collection B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992-1997 will go down in pop history like those did (some just may, give them time!), yet I do like to think that we did our best to offer good musical value tracks on our B-sides, bonus tracks or extras.

Sloan have released B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992 - 1997 today. The compilation has been pressed to 1,200 copies on translucent blue vinyl, and can be purchased here.

B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992-1997:

Side A:

1. Underwhelmed (Original Hear & Now version)
2. Amped
3. Sleepover
4. Pillow Flight

Side B:

1. Rag Doll
2. Laying Blame
3. D Is For Driver
4. Stood Up (studio version)
5. Same Old Flame (studio version)