Sloan Release 'B Sides Win Vol. 2 1998-2001' Compilation

The vinyl includes songs from the era of 'Navy Blues,' 'Between the Bridges' and 'Pretty Together'
Sloan Release 'B Sides Win Vol. 2 1998-2001' Compilation
Last year, Sloan released a compilation album called B Sides Win Vol. 1 1992-1997. Now, they've followed it up with another vinyl comp, this one titled B Sides Win Vol. 2 1998-2001.

This vinyl collection brings together rarities from the era spanning the albums Navy Blues (1998), Between the Bridges (1999) and Pretty Together (2001). It includes songs that were omitted from those LPs, songs that weren't finished until the albums were already done, or material that never went past the demo stage. There's also a version of "Are You Giving Me Back My Love?" performed by the Russian Futurists.

A writeup from band member Jay Ferguson reads:

I like to think that these tracks hang together nicely as an album… perhaps more so than on Volume 1 where the contrast between our sound from 1992 to 1997 was much more pronounced. On this second volume, all the tracks are making their appearance on vinyl for the very first time!

Vol. 2 comes on purple translucent vinyl in a limited run of 1,200 copies. The inner sleeve includes lyrics and recollections about the songs. It's out now and available to purchase here. Hear the song "Summer's My Season" below, and check out the tracklist below that.

Vol. 3 will follow sometime soon.

B Sides Win Vol. 2 1998-2001:

A1. Work Cut Out
A2. Out to Lunch
A3. Keep on Thinkin' (acoustic radio version)
A4. Glad to Be Here
A5. Summer's My Season
B1. At the Edge of the Scene
B2. Had Enough
B3. Helen
B4. Pretty Together (demo version)
B5. Are You Giving Me Back My Love? (Russian Futurists version)