Sloan, Dan Mangan, Said the Whale Hop on Surprise 'Home for the Holidays' Comp

Arts & Crafts has also announced a holiday livestream show featuring label favourites
Sloan, Dan Mangan, Said the Whale Hop on Surprise 'Home for the Holidays' Comp
Arts & Crafts has shared a surprise compilation just in time for the holidays. Aptly titled Home for the Holidays, the record offers wintertime and holiday classics from the label's roster of Canadian artists.

With contributions by Dan Mangan, Sloan, Said the Whale, Hannah Georgas, Zeus, Lowell, Ellevator, Busty and the Bass, Do Make Say Think's Charles Spearin and more, the label has curated a 12-track record of songs to bring the holiday cheer.

"With touring and recording plans put on hold, we approached our artists to contribute a holiday song for the album," Arts & Crafts president Kieran Roy said in a statement. "In most cases, these songs were recorded in the artists' own home studios, which now seems all the more appropriate. We hope these songs and the live stream concert will allow us all to feel a bit more festive while we're home for the holidays."

For the release, Mangan shared his own version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," a classic that he explained celebrates "the feeling of Christmas but isn't about the Christmas story." Mangan added: "I love that it's beautiful, but that it's also kind of melancholy."

Meanwhile, Hannah Georgas said she shared her pick, "Let It Snow," because, "I liked it a lot when I was a kid and it feels classic to me. I thought it would be nice to recreate an intimate version of it on the piano."

In addition to the compilation, the label has also announced a Side Door livestream concert event featuring many artists from the record, as well as a few more A&C favourites like Kevin Drew, Lo Talker, Chris Murphy and more.

That show will take place on December 13 at 3 p.m. ET. Tickets for the event can be purchased here for $12. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank.

Listen to the record below.

Home for the Holidays:

1. Charles Spearin - "The Christmas Box"
2. Zeus - "Marching Through Your Head" (Christmas Edition)
3. Hannah Georgas - "Let It Snow"
4. Ellevator - "Urge for Going"
5. Sloan - "Kids Come Back Again at Christmas"
6. Dan Mangan - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
7. Jordan Klassen - "Came Back On Christmas Day"
8. Reuben and the Dark - "Xmas in California"
9. Lowell - "To Mary"
10. Said the Whale - "Wanting Like Veruca"
11. Sarah MacDougall - "Out Of This Blue"
12. Busty and the Bass - "Auld Lang Syne"