Shining VI - Klagopsalmer

While some albums are so consistent they're as dull as ditchwater, VI ― Klagopsalmer faces the opposite problem: it lacks commonalities linking the songs, making it feel fractured. Some will call this "progressive"; others will simply criticize Shining for abandoning their depressive black metal roots. There are some definite depressive instances, as well as some excellent passages, but unfortunately they don't remedy the disjointedness. One can appreciate the experimentation, particularly after a few listens ― the variety in vocals (including occasional clean singing), some weird and unexpected leads/solos, and the haunting cello, which dominates the second half of the final track, "Total Utfrysning." At over 16 minutes, it's one of the best pieces, along with the atmospheric "Plågoande O'helga Plågoande" and "Ohm." The latter is a Seigman cover, and tops the original. Not a total throwaway album, but it doesn't have the cohesiveness or magic of its predecessor: V ― Halmstad. (Season of Mist)