Shining True Skies

These days, the UK music scene is getting a whole lot of mileage from recycling its own ideas. During the last while, bands like the Stone Roses, Verve and Oasis have served as the influence for a whole new generation of musicians that are now emulating their heroes. And then there are some people like, for example, the two ex-members of the Verve who formed a new band called the Shining. Initially, ex-Stone Roses guitarist John Squire was involved, but he left to follow his own solo career, although it would appear that his influence was left behind, because the Shining sounds a whole lot like everyone’s previous bands but sung by a younger Liam Gallagher. In theory, at least, that should be a good thing, and while there are a few good moments here, such as the driving opener "Quicksilver” and "Show You The Way,” for the most part, the recycling mentality leaves the music completely void of its own ideas and identity. If you really need Zeppelin-esque guitar solos and bland lyrics in your music, you might find something worth listening to, but everyone should just move along because there really isn’t anything to see here. (Sony)