It's been four long years since RL Grime, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Henry Steinway, put out a full-length album. Needless to say, his loyal fan base has been eagerly awaiting the release of NOVA, which features the likes of Daya, Ty Dolla $ign, Chief Keef, TK Kraviz, Freya Ridings and more.
NOVA shines bright, a statement underscored by the early successes of singles "I Wanna Know" and "Pressure." The album offers a little something from every listener, which includes pop-centric songs ("Shrine") bass-heavy bangers ("Era"), an anthemic ballad ("Atoms") and one pleasantly surprising ambient interlude ("Run For Your Life").
Never a slave to convenience, Grime navigates a multitude of styles within the realm of dance music, shifting seamlessly between drum & bass, hip-hop, trap and more. The young DJ/producer, already having achieved resounding success by the age of 27, shows a willingness to embrace new ways of making music — something that ought to be celebrated.
At the heart of NOVA lies Grime's raw talent for musicality, which has sustained his reputation a rising star since he first burst onto the scene in 2011. With surefire dance floor and stadium hits, NOVA is bound to resonate with audiences worldwide. (WeDidIt)