Ray LaMontagne Readies New Album 'Monovision'

The songwriter's latest arrives next month
Ray LaMontagne Readies New Album 'Monovision'
Just over two years removed from sharing Part of the Light, Ray LaMontagne has detailed a follow-up effort. The songwriter's new album Monovision will arrive June 26 through RCA.

Ten tracks in length, Monovision features previously shared single "We'll Make It Through" that arrived earlier this month. You can revisit that one following the tracklist below.

As LaMontagne shared on social media, second single "Strong Enough" will be out tomorrow (May 29). In 2018, we ran him through the Exclaim! Questionnaire.


1. Roll Me Mama, Roll Me
2. I Was Born to Love You
3. Strong Enough
4. Summer Clouds
5. We'll Make It Through
6. Misty Morning Rain (Here And Gone Again)
7. Rocky Mountain Healin'
8. Weeping Willow
9. Morning Comes Wearing Diamonds
10. Highway to The Sun

Monovision is now available for pre-order.