Montreal's Ouri Shares Intimate "Shape of It" Live Video

She performs the track while being embraced by a friend
Montreal's Ouri Shares Intimate 'Shape of It' Live Video
When Montreal-based experimenter Ouri releases something new, you never know what you're gonna get. Her late 2020 output touched on soft electroacoustic (EVER NEW compilation contribution "Fonction naturelle"), glitchy electronica ("gay sound") and tender neocasslcal ("Shape of It"). Now, she's treated "Shape of It" to a live performance video that switches thing up yet again.

The original version of the song was warm and heartfelt, with Ouri's multilayered vocals bumping into each other atop a bed of wavering cello and harp. As if that rendition wasn't intimate enough, the new live video finds her performing the track accompanied only by a harp, while being held by a friend. It further exposes the song's raw, emotional core, adding yet another dimension to Ouri's varied output.

Watch the live version of "Shape of It" below.