Oh Sees "Drowned Beast" (video)

Oh Sees 'Drowned Beast' (video)
The full-time job that is keeping up with John Dwyer's output continues. Formerly Thee Oh Sees, his band dropped the "Thee" and released Orc as simply Oh Sees. Then he released an album as OCS. For the purpose of this post, however, let's rewind a little to the Oh Sees era, as he's now treated Orc standout "Drowned Beast" to a new video.

The five-minute jam has been given some fittingly trippy visuals courtesy of artist Dr. D. Foothead, T-Wei and Otis Chamberlain. The three have done it justice with a long, out-there cartoon. 

"I wrote this song mostly in the studio and it was, in my mind, about the insatiable hunger of mankind, but sort of bent in this weird fantastical way," Dwyer said in a statement. "I always love working with Dr. Foothead because his take is always coming from some other world, as is evident in this far out animation."

Watch the video for "Drowned Beast" below via Adult Swim.