No, David Lee Roth Isn't Actually Changing His Name

He should stick to drawing instead of stand-up
No, David Lee Roth Isn't Actually Changing His Name
While we learned this year that his Van Halen bandmate doesn't play around, David Lee Roth has been his usual playful self as of late, sharing colourful comics on Twitter. Now, he's used a recent frame to suggest that he's changing his name.

Roth's latest instalment of the "Soggy Bottom" series finds him taking a topical poke at the country band formerly known as Lady Antebellum, who changed their name to Lady A this month by removing the reference to the pre-Civil War era of American history. Then, a veteran Seattle blues singer named Lady A became frustrated with the band, but both sides have since made peace.

Roth had a little "name game fun" in his most recent drawing, writing, "Diamond Dave following Lady Antebellum's (now "Lady A") example, will be dropping the 'Lee.' From now on he wants us all to call him 'David L. Roth' or simply 'El Roth.'"

Of course, El Roth's proposal isn't exactly the same as Lady A's, unless he's admitting that the "Lee" in his name comes from American confederate general and noted loser Robert E. Lee.

Besides, real heads should always swear by the deep cuts, and call him Dave from Dongo Island.

Get a glimpse of Roth's visual art skills below.