​Mounties Premiere "Hitchin' Man" Video

​Mounties Premiere 'Hitchin' Man' Video
Canadian indie rock supergroup Mounties — featuring Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, Limblifter's Ryan Dahle and Hawksley Workman — return with Heavy Meta later this month, and the band have shared new track "Hitchin' Man" alongside a matching music video.
"It's a summer road trip song that reminds one of being a young band on tour for the first time, or a kid in high school; with the early seeds of self identity sprouting up, as you start to question the world and call bullshit," Bays tells Exclaim! "We're singing about Sony Walkmen, Ferrari Testarossas, VW Vans, laughing with pals, partying... ultimately, declaring who your crew is and who you are."
As for the video, it pieces together moments on film of the trio, as well as Cary and Parker from their live lineup — a feat in itself given all members' hectic schedules. It sees the group playing around with an array of props scrounged from their favourite antique shop in New Westminster, BC.
Heavy Meta is due out April 26 via Light Organ Records. Watch the video for "Hitchin' Man" below.