Marlaena Moore "24 Hour Drugstore"

Marlaena Moore '24 Hour Drugstore'
Edmonton performer Marlaena Moore has been creating a reputable body of work for a while, all of which emphasizes her powerful voice and excellent songwriting skills. She's got a new LP on the way, and Exclaim! is happy to premiere its single "24 Hour Drugstore" today. 

The song is built on syncopated drums, reverb-drenched guitar bends and plodding bass, all of which serve as the basis for Moore's powerful yet smooth vocal track. It's the sort of confident, mid-tempo anthem that will have you instantly nodding along — and most likely hitting the play button again when it's over.

Listen to "24 Hour Drugstore" below. The song will appear on Moore's forthcoming full-length GAZE, which arrives on Sweety Pie Records on May 6.