Lee Ranaldo and Raül Refree Detail New Album 'Names of North End Women'

The Sonic Youth offshoot also shared a video for the title track
Lee Ranaldo and Raül Refree Detail New Album 'Names of North End Women'
Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo and flamenco guitarist Raül Refree have shared plans for a new record called Names of North End Women. The album is due February 21 via Mute, but today the duo have shared the first taste — in the form of the record's title track and accompanying music video.

Ranaldo and Refree have taken it upon themselves to bring strange instruments into the mix for their experimental new record. A marimba and vibraphone, samplers, a vintage 2-inch Studer tape recorder and a modified cassette machine are all incorporated; meanwhile, the record has a distinct lack of guitar.

"We were mixing in all these strange analog sounds from old cassette tapes, dealing with tape hiss; using very new technology and very old technology and mixing them together," Ranaldo recalled in a statement.

Refree added, "This record began as playing with samplers and cassette players as experimental music, musique concrete, polyrhythms."

Where do the "north end women" come in? Simple: the record's title borrows inspiration from the street names in Winnipeg — Lydia, Kate, Dagmar, Harriett, Juno, etc.

Watch the video for "Names of North End Women" featuring footage from Peter Tscherkassky's 1999 film OUTER SPACE below. There, you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

You can also pre-order Names of North End Women here.

Names of North End Women:

1. Alice, Etc.
2. Words out of the Haze
3. New Brain Trajectory
4. Humps
5. Names of North End Women
6. Light Years Out
7. The Art of Losing
8. At The Forks