Kanye West's 'DONDA' Album Is on the Way, Says CyHi the Prynce

West's collaborator says the divorce from Kim Kardashian has held up recording sessions
Kanye West's 'DONDA' Album Is on the Way, Says CyHi the Prynce
Kanye West's July 2020 announcement that new album DONDA would soon arrive has since been buried by news of his failed presidential campaign and ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian. But over eight months later, CyHi the Prynce is adamant that the project is coming together.

Appearing on VladTV, the longtime West collaborator shared that the pair are at currently work in Los Angeles, acknowledging that divorce proceedings — which have included moving 500 pairs of shoes — have held up recording sessions.

"That right there, it's a little monkey wrench in the game," CyHi said of the couple's split. "It's all in the world now. Unfortunately, it's sad. I don't know if that's gonna go all the way through but I'm praying that they figure it out. But that's kinda like the hold-off, and you know he's working on a lot of different things, so we're getting back to [the album].

"I think he started working on it late last year," CyHi shared of DONDA. "So I think once November, December, January comes around he kind of takes a hiatus, you know, vacation break getting with the family. So we're back working, that's why I'm out here too. I have a house everywhere he has a house."

Of the divorce, CyHi shared that he and West "didn't really speak on it," but felt his friend was in good spirits. "I know how much he love his family so it has to hit you some kinda way, you know what I'm saying? He's just a human being. But you know, he's getting through it."

Last week, The Daily Beast reported that West's failed campaign received a notice from the United States Federal Election Commission concerning violations that include multiple campaign donations from minors, possible contributions from foreign nationals, and several fake names and addresses that trace to drop-shipping warehouses.