Kanye West Fires Back at deadmau5 over Piracy Allegations

Kanye West Fires Back at deadmau5 over Piracy Allegations
After hitting out at producer Bob Ezrin only weeks ago, Kanye West has found himself a new Canadian music industry figure to take aim at in electronic music producer and TIDAL partner deadmau5

The beef between the two began brewing yesterday evening (March 1) when West tweeted a screenshot of his computer screen in the studio, which included tabs open to Sufjan Stevens' "Death with Dignity," a Pirate Bay search window, and a search for Xfer Records' Serum audio software program. Being a co-founder of Xfer Records himself, the screencap found its way back to deadmau5, who didn't take kindly to West pirating his piece of software.

To almost no one's surprise, West took to his keyboard once more to poke fun at the producer's stylized stage name and costume. "Is this person's name pronounced dead-mow-five?" he tweeted. No stranger to Twitter beef himself, we wouldn't expect deadmau5 to stay silent on this one.

In the meantime, read through the series of tweets below.

UPDATE: During Kanye's tirade, deadmau5 was apparently having a nap, but he's since woken up and responded with some very childish retorts. Peep his tweets below.