Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Join Forces for 'Sunergy'

Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Join Forces for 'Sunergy'
RVNG Intl. has brought us a series of twisted-up sonics over the years via its experimental FRKWYS series, with the next instalment uniting multiple generations of synth stylists. Pioneering electronic composer Suzanne Ciani and relative newcomer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith cough up their Sunergy on September 16.

The three-song entry is the 13th volume in the FRKWYS series and was put together shortly after the pair realized they were neighbours on Bolinas, CA. It's explained in a press release that the artists became "close friends, bonding over their experience as woman musicians and, more unusually, their shared passion for the Buchla synthesizer," and that "the music of Sunergy embraces this kinship."

As for the nuts and bolts of the project, recording sessions took place inside Ciani's California home, with her parts crafted on a the Buchla Music Easel and Smith's by using a Buchla 200 E. The nature of the sessions was said to be quite free and improvised, with the results being "both a sombre meditation amidst the intense cultural and solar forces transforming the landscape, and a hopeful assertion of the surviving creative culture of Bolinas."

Below, you'll find a wavy video for the tranquil, washed-out "Closed Circuit." That won't be the only set of visuals behind Sunergy, as a an accompanying documentary by filmmaker Sean Hellfritsch will be launched when Ciani and Smith's collaboration is released.


1. A New Day
2. Closed Circuit
3. Retrograde