Jessy Lanza Mitchell Hall, Guelph ON, April 7

Jessy Lanza Mitchell Hall, Guelph ON, April 7
Photo: Matt Forsythe
Just days ahead of a Red Bull Music Academy gig in Dubai that she'll chase with a spat of touring through Western Canada and the United States, Hamilton producer Jessy Lanza made a stopover in Guelph to offer a sneak peek of what she has in store for the road.
With some distance between her current run of engagement and the promotional cycle for last year's Polaris-shortlisted Oh No, the hour brought a more holistic presentation of Lanza's short catalogue, frontloaded with Pull My Hair Back calling card "5785021" and the title track from 2015's You Never Show Your Love EP before unloading deeper Oh No material like "Vivica" and "Never Enough," saving singles for the set's peak.
Lanza didn't reveal any new material at Kazoo! Fest, but if the curation was any indication, there was more of an impulse for allowing her neon noir electro-R&B illuminations space to bounce and ricochet off the dance floor, less of an emphasis on the more languid experiences that decorate her albums. Lanza herself emerged from the shadows of the equipment she was often tethered to on her Oh No tour to adopt a more pop persona, leading the crowd on sing-alongs from the front of the stage. All killer, no filler.