Jane's Addiction Plotting Musical Theatre Project

Jane's Addiction Plotting Musical Theatre Project
Back in the fall, Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell set his sights on a new album, revealing that he had a heap of new songs that represented a "fresh angle" for the veteran alt-rock group. Now, he has shed some light on what that new twist might be.

Farrell has been working on the project with his wife, dancer and backup vocalist Etty Lau Farrell. The frontman told Prefix, "My next project is that I'm working on a play, it's a musical, but it's going to be immersive theatre. It's not going to be in a theatre, I'm going to create an environment and the music will be within that environment, and Jane's Addiction will be within thatĀ environment."

He additionally said that this "environment" is "not going to be a club, and it's not going to be a festival." He's planning to debut it in late 2013.

From what we can tell, this mysterious endeavour sounds a bit like Farrell's project Satellite Party, with whom he released an album called Ultra Payloaded in 2007. Back in September, he told Las Vegas Weekly, "I was actually working on something, a project a couple of years ago, that was actually a satellite party. It had to do with the Doors. I even got to produce a song, a previous un-produced and unrecorded song, by the Doors, and I wanted to do this beautiful play called The Satellite Party in Vegas. It didn't work out, but I do think about having an installation in Las Vegas."

Now that he's got Jane's Addiction involved, perhaps he can get his musical theatre aspirations off the ground. Stay tuned for further updates.