Jane's Addiction Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 18

Jane's Addiction Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 18
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
Topless as per usual, Dave Navarro strolled onstage followed by Perry Farrell, clothed in a black vest and matching cowboy hat. An older crowd welcomed the prolific band, the younger generation apparently oblivious to the legacy Jane's Addiction carries. True to the sex and raunch that the band exude, a wicker bench (as seen on the cover of their 1988 release, Nothing's Shocking) appeared atop the monitors and two lingerie-clad women wielding bondage straps performed together.
While the 40-somethings in the beer pit contributed with shouts and lyrical accompaniment, the younger crowd slowly trickled out, indifferent to the spectacle. "Summertime Rolls" helped, but by that point the entire crowd seemed to be losing steam in the sweltering heat, half of them shouting lacklustre encouragement from their spots in the grass. A charming rendition of "Jane Says" saw the steel drums and bongos get some action, Farrell leisurely sipping from a red cup and performing his signature jittery shimmy.
The set was worth catching for Navarro's solos alone, his musicianship an absolute marvel at this weekend's festival — that, and the latex-clad aerial performance that closed out the show.