Jane's Addiction "Another Soulmate"

Jane's Addiction 'Another Soulmate'
We still haven't heard those 60-plus songs that Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell talked about last year, but the veteran alt-rock band have shared a stand-alone single called "Another Soulmate."

The singer told Rolling Stone in advance of the band's upcoming Uproar Festival trek, "Being that we have a tour, I'm really happy that we have a good song that will serve as our calling card when we hit various cities. Jane's is kind of known for long songs; being this is a one-song single, I thought it'd be interesting to try and write a Beatles-esque short song that would be fast and furious and it would just be fun, dig it and move on, short attention span."

Sure enough, the track is an enjoyably upbeat blast heavy mega-riffs, howling vocals and faintly funky grooves. At just over two and a half minutes, it's shorter than any song from the band's prior LPs (aside from "Thank You Boys," which doesn't really count).