Hella Detail New 'Tripper' LP

Hella Detail New 'Tripper' LP
A while back, Sacramento, CA progressive noise rockers Hella announced they would be returning after a four-year hiatus with their original two-piece lineup. The news didn't stop there, though, as the outfit also made mention of a new album, their first since 2007's There's No 666 In Outer Space and fifth overall, and even premiered an untitled cut from the record. If you were hoping for some more info before the full-length's imminent summer street date, today's your lucky day. Hella have just properly announced their next LP.

A press release for the pair confirms that the new disc, now called Tripper, will be issued August 30 on Sargent House. Stripped-down to the duo of fret board-annihilating guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill, the record promises to find the act "in classic frenetic anthemic form."

While fans are already familiar with "Hella - Track 1," they'll notice it's actually called "Headless" now. You can download the manic cut here.

Also, after asking fans to create their own visuals for the song, Hella have now shared the results, which you can watch via the new video below. Check out the rest of the tracklisting below and the newly unveiled album art above.


1. "Headless"
2. "Self Checkout"
  3. "Long Hair"
  4. "Yubacore"
  5. "Netgear"
  6. "Kid Life Crisis"
  7. "On The Record"
  8. "Furthest"
  9. "Psycho Bro"
  10. "Osaka"