Hella "Track 1"

Hella 'Track 1'
Having shed the additional three bodies they gained for their previous outing, 2007's There's No 666 In Outer Space, Hella are back to the lean mathematical two-piece machine fans grew to love in the first place. This as-yet-untitled cut from their as-yet-untitled fifth full-length, and first release in four years, sees the inimitable duo of manic drummer Zach Hill and prodigious guitarist Spencer Seim reaffirming their love of spastic instrumental face-melting.

The album doesn't drop until an unspecified date in August via Sargent House, but in the meantime, take a listen. And if you're inspired, Hella has invited people to "create their own videos/visuals for the new song and post them to YouTube -- listed simply as "Hella - Track 1" -- and post the link on the band's Facebook page."

Feed your ears the Hella-crazy riffage by downloading the track here