Hear a Full Pink Floyd Tour Bootleg from 1975 with Remastered Sound

It includes songs from 'Wish You Were Here' and the entirety of 'The Dark Side of the Moon'
Hear a Full Pink Floyd Tour Bootleg from 1975 with Remastered Sound
Pink Floyd's fans have a history of taking one for the team. Since the band didn't really make documenting their tours in the 1970s a priority, their fans picked up the gauntlet to preserve them. This includes L.A.'s Mike "The Mic" Millard, whose recording of Pink Floyd's show on April 26, 1975, at the Los Angeles Forum has now reappeared on YouTube with superior sound quality.

As Rolling Stone explains, Millard snuck amateur recording equipment of the era— a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder — into '70s and '80s concerts at the Forum by using a wheelchair, which he'd later ditch, wiring the recorder to mics planted in his hat and simply walking to the front of the venue. This technique enabled Millard to compile a vault of high-quality recordings with little audience noise, capturing shows by the likes of Rush, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page even once used bits of his recordings in the band's DVD).

In 1994, Millard died by suicide after years of struggling with depression. While he was thought to have destroyed the majority of his tapes, they've been surfacing in recent years, and fans have been sharing the wealth online.

In Pink Floyd's case, the recording was captured six months prior to the release of Wish You Were Here, so the audience would've been hearing some unreleased tracks for the first time. In addition, the show features the band playing the entirety of The Dark Side of the Moon before closing on "Echoes."

We don't condone his tactics, but Millard certainly managed to capture some high-quality Pink Floyd lore for future generations to enjoy.

Hear the live recording from April 26, 1975, on YouTube below, complete with the setlist and timestamps.


1. Raving and Drooling (Sheep) 03:26
2. You've Got to Be Crazy (Dogs) 16:01
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5) 32:04
4. Have a Cigar 44:48
5. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (6-9) 49:36
6. Speak to Me 1:03:14
7. Breathe 1:08:16
8. On the Run 1:11:11
9. Time 1:15:43
10. Breathe (Reprise) 1:21:07
11. The Great Gig In the Sky 1:21:57
12. Money 1:28:13
13. Us and Them 1:36:10
14. Any Colour You Like 1:44:12
15. Brain Damage 1:52:34
16. Eclipse 1:56:14
17. Echoes 1:59:36