Future Peers Say Farewell with Monstrous "Werewolves" Video

Future Peers Say Farewell with Monstrous 'Werewolves' Video
Toronto indie popsters Future Peers are breaking up, but before they go, they've shared one last single, "Werewolves," and an accompanying music video.

"'Werewolves' is about the hollowing out of a person," says Future Peers' Luke Correida-Damude. "The song is also a call to action, lest we forget that this can happen to all of us. Feed your inner fire or it might fizzle out."

The wistful electro-pop tune is set to a harrowing video directed by band member Mike Lobel, in which a playhouse is ravaged by the spectre of wartime, as exemplified by monstrous, lycanthropic shadows on the walls.

"I've become very interested in mythical monsters recently, I just wouldn't shut up about 'em," says Lobel. "It must have driven the guys up the wall a bit, but it obviously rubbed off on them because the song 'Werewolves' emerged."

Adds Lobel about the video, "Miniatures are magic to me, and so, it became an exercise in obsessively bringing the very tiny to life. I really wanted to give something of myself personally to the band, having deeply researched the lore, I just went for it and presented it to them. They were all a bit taken back, like, 'Wow. This is what you've been building in there. Can my niece have her dollhouse back now?'"

Future Peers' final show is this Saturday (December 7) at the Baby G in Toronto, also featuring World News, Bonnie Trash and a special guest. 

Watch the "Werewolves" video below.