Exclaim!'s 2013 in Lists: 5 Signs of the Nashville Renaissance

Exclaim!'s 2013 in Lists: 5 Signs of the Nashville Renaissance
Nashville will forever be the centre of the country music universe, but in recent years, it's become known for much more than the Grand Ole Opry. Here are a few reasons why Nashville's cool quotient is at an all-time high.

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5 Signs of the Nashville Renaissance in 2013:

Third Man / Easy Eye
When Jack White came to town in 2006, things in Nashville immediately got more interesting. White's Third Man headquarters has been churning out great music for over four years now, while his Black Keys rival Dan Auerbach's nearby Easy Eye studio has become its own hit factory.

United Record Pressing
One of the few companies to survive the great vinyl drought, United led the revitalization of the LP and remains the best option for all vinyl products. Jack White is, unsurprisingly, their best customer.

Buddy Miller
An incredible songwriter/guitarist in his own right, longtime Nashville resident Miller's bare-bones production style has become the Americana standard. His work with Robert Plant has made more than a few classic rockers reassess country, and this year Miller took over from T Bone Burnett as music consultant for the ABC series Nashville.

Americana Music Association
Since 1999, the AMA has pushed for Americana to be recognized as its own genre, and ten years later it got its wish. The AMA's annual convention has become a prime showcase for emerging artists such as Alabama Shakes and the Civil Wars.

Canadian Content
Nashville has long been kind to Canadians dating back to Hank Snow, and the current generation, including Lindi Ortega, Daniel Romano and Corb Lund, is doing its part to inject some new energy while giving due respect to the legends.