Elite Gymnastics Release 'Ruin 3' and Announce 'Ruin 4'

Elite Gymnastics Release 'Ruin 3' and Announce 'Ruin 4'
Having earned plenty of praise for last year's Ruin 1 and Ruin 2 EPs, Minneapolis, MN-based electronic pop duo Elite Gymnastics are looking to continue the series by releasing the companion pieces Ruin 3 and Ruin 4.

The whole thing is a bit confusing, since these aren't traditional EPs. Ruin 3 is available now and it includes an assortment of covers and remixes from contributors like CFCF, How to Dress Well and more. You can download it for free from Ruin3.com and check out the tracklist below, as well as check out the CFCF rework.

Ruin 4 will follow on May 8 via Ac├ęphale Records. This one will be a physical compilation that includes all of the tracks from Ruin 3, plus two extra songs from the Ruin sessions and more yet-to-be-announced goodies. It's available to pre-order in a package that includes a CD copy, some buttons, a poster and a T-shirt. That's cool, but, uh, why is the T-shirt only available in XL?

You can pre-order Ruin 4 here.

Ruin 3:

1. Here, in Heaven 3 (cover by How to Dress Well)
2. Here, in Heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix)
3. So Close to Paradise 2 (Physical Therapy Remix)
4. Here, in Heaven 6 (Anime Skyscraper Remix)
5. Minneapolis Belongs to You 3 (LOL Boys Remix)
6. Here, in Heaven 7 (Natalie Bootleg)