Deliluh Premiere "Rabbit" Live Video Ahead of CMW Underground, Talk Upcoming Album

Deliluh Premiere 'Rabbit' Live Video Ahead of CMW Underground, Talk Upcoming Album
Photo: Colin Medley
Canadian Music Week is only a few weeks away, and hundreds of musical acts are honing their chops in hopes of a perfect gig. One of those acts is Toronto-based art rockers Deliluh, who will be debuting their new lineup at CMW Underground, the subway showcase hosted by Exclaim!, the TTC and Dan Burke on May 11.

To showcase the new lineup, the quartet trekked to legion hall Owls Club to perform new track "Rabbit," directed by Colin Medley and filmed by Medley and Margarita Brighton.

Says frontman Kyle Knapp to Exclaim! about the song, "The riffs came randomly at practice, no one had anything prepared. The song is about finding solutions in a cruel, cruel world." The new track, reminiscent of Slint and Ought, marks a darker, post-punk turn in comparison to Deliluh's earlier material, and also marks the first track written with new bassist Jude (of HSY). 

In addition to adjusting to their new lineup and preparing for CMW Underground, the band are hard at work at finishing their upcoming full-length, which was recorded at Owls Club over a four-day period earlier this year. Says Knapp, "we're going to start mixing the album very soon, and I don't anticipate it taking too long. We're not messing with effects all that much because the hall sounds beautiful. We'd show up, play the songs together, and fill the reels without rewinding or taping over stuff. My friend Stephen Prickett engineered, he did great."

Continuing in the band's post-punk direction, the new album was heavily inspired by the Fall. "Mark E. Smith died the week we recorded the album and I remember us finding out in the middle of one of the sessions. It felt eerie. Smith has been an inspiration to me for years and the Fall heavily inspired the material we were tracking."

The new album will follow 2017's pair of albums Day Catcher and Linger in the AfterlightDay Catcher will be reissued through Hand Drawn Dracula on May 4.

The CMW Underground showcase will feature Deliluh alongside industrial techno producer E-Saggila, Scarborough rapper Tyriqueordie and a to-be-announced headliner. Knapp organized the showcase, which will take place on May 11 at Lower Bay Station, a decommissioned subway platform primarily used as a film set.

The showcase continues Deliluh's streak of working outside of traditional local music spaces, having also performed and hosted shows in bakeries, libraries and apartments. According to Knapp, the band will continue to operate under their own terms.

"We're just going to keep creating and not let outside factors distract us. Deliluh has always operated this way, and I don't expect that to change."

For more information on CMW Underground, click here. Watch the "Rabbit" live video below.