Dan Mangan Takes on Trump with "There's a Tumor in the White House"

Listen to the Vancouver songwriter's new protest song
Dan Mangan Takes on Trump with 'There's a Tumor in the White House'
With the American election coming up, some Canadian musicians are wading into the fray. That includes Vancouver's Dan Mangan, who just released a new protest song called "There's a Tumor in the White House."

The song brings Mangan back to his guitar-and-vocals folk roots, albeit with a timely political twist. It never directly names Trump, but with its allusions to fascism and police brutality, it's very clear exactly who he's singing about.

The songwriter said in a statement, "We've got this bully in the highest seat using the lowest form of mudslinging and name-calling and unfortunately it just seems to keep working for him. The poor man's rich man. The weak man's strong man. I just wanted to call a spade a spade — bootlickers, chokeholders, chest-puffers… Is it ironic? I don't know. Is it a joke? I worry that it isn't."

Check out a lyric video for the song below.