Constantines & Chad VanGaalen "Live at Massey Hall" (live videos)

Constantines & Chad VanGaalen 'Live at Massey Hall' (live videos)
Bry Webb previously released a "Live at Massey Hall" concert recording, and now his reunited band Constantines have released a live set of their own. Chad VanGaalen, who was the opener for this appearance at the Toronto venue, has also gotten a concert film.

The Constantines' film, which is black and white and runs for a little more than half an hour, begins with a couple minutes of backstage interview footage. Once the show begins, the guys triumphantly hold their arms and instruments above their head while feedback drones. From there, they launch into a series of their signature gruff, noisily intense indie rock anthems.

To help convey the full experience of being there on May 27 of this year, opener Chad VanGaalen has also had his Massey Hall set documented with a black and white half-hour film. The Calgary songwriter performs in a duo setup with Julie Fader, who sings harmonies and plays flute and keyboards while VanGaalen strums an acoustic guitar while simultaneously playing drums with his feet.

Watch the "Live at Massey Hall" performances below.