Cloud Nothings Ready New Album 'The Black Hole Understands'

The band are also launching a Bandcamp subscription series
Cloud Nothings Ready New Album 'The Black Hole Understands'
Cloud Nothings are releasing a new album tomorrow. Titled The Black Hole Understands, the band's latest arrives independently and follows 2018's Last Building Burning.

The band wrote and recorded The Black Hole Understands while in pandemic self-isolation. As frontman Dylan Baldi explained in sharing the news, "it's a quarantine album, so like...not actually recorded live. i'm playing instruments and singing, [Jayson Gerycz] is playing drums. it's poppy and also kind of sad. which is more or less my state of mind."

On Friday (July 3), The Black Hole Understands will arrive through Cloud Nothings' Bandcamp page, which the group have recently populated with a series of career-spanning live recordings. A 25 percent cut of the proceeds from album sales will benefit music-education nonprofits Play On Philly and Rainey Institute.

Baldi noted on Twitter that Cloud Nothings will also launch a subscription service through the site tomorrow. He briefly detailed that it will offer fans a monthly digital EP, a discount on merchandise and, for a higher tier subscription, two vinyl records per year.

He also revealed that Cloud Nothings had finished an entirely separate album "made as an actual band in a room playing" in February before the pandemic, telling followers, "you'll hear that one eventually."

Tomorrow, Bandcamp will once again waive its revenue share on all purchases from midnight to midnight PT, allowing artists to keep 100 percent of sales proceeds.

The Black Hole Understands:

1. Story That I Live
2. The Sound of Everyone
3. An Average World
4. A Weird Interaction
5. Tall Gray Structure
6. A Silent Reaction
7. The Mess Is Permanent
8. Right on the Edge
9. Memory of Regret
10. The Black Hole Understands