Big Wreck Team Up with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger for New Rocker "Middle of Nowhere"

Big Wreck Team Up with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger for New Rocker 'Middle of Nowhere'
There's a lot of pressure placed on the unofficial designation of "song of the summer." The track usually needs to strike a balance between pop-culture relevance, zeitgeist-grabbing nowness and plain catchiness. But why can't the song of the summer be a Cancon alterna rock jam that reminds you of scratching mosquito bites and munching Spitz in the back of your buddy's Jeep on the way to Cultus Lake?

Anyone who grew up with alt-rock radio will certainly find lots of familiar tones in "Middle of Nowhere," a new song from Big Wreck that was written in conjunction with Canadian butt-rock laureate Chad Kroeger. It sounds exactly like a melted Slurpee that you still sip because it's so damn hot.

The song was created while Big Wreck isolated at the Nickelback mastermind's home studio in BC. A week later, this riff-heavy crooner was born.

"Being able to get in a room and work with Chad from start to finish on a song is a hell of a trip," said Big Wreck's Ian Thornley. "For Big Wreck, this song is a unique exploration into the more straight up rock song. Naturally working with someone who is no stranger to hit songs, we were able to capture the essence of a hooky, fun, rock song, while putting the Big Wreck sound to it. It's a good bridge for us to get fans some music while they wait for all the other new music to touch down!"

Watch the music video for "Middle of Nowhere" below.