Donovan Has Teamed Up with David Lynch for a New Song

Watch the pair's video for "I Am the Shaman"
Donovan Has Teamed Up with David Lynch for a New Song
Iconic singer songwriter Donovan is back with a new single and music video, both of which have David Lynch's fingerprints all over them.

To celebrate his 75th birthday, the singer released a new single called "I Am the Shaman" today. The song was produced by Lynch, who also directed its music video. It was mixed by Lynch's frequent collaborator Dean Hurley.

Of the track, Donovan shared the following statement on Facebook:

It was all impromptu. I visited the studio and David said ...
'Sit at the mics with your guitar Don'.
David in same room behind control desk with my Linda.
He had asked me to only bring in a song just emerging, not anywhere near finished.
We would see what happens. It happened!
I composed extempore ... the verses came naturally. New chord patterns effortlessly appeared.
On another day David 'Sound Sculpted' my Ferrington acoustic guitar 'Kelly' and he played his unique Modal Chord Ferrington Guitar textures with 'Effects'.
David and I are 'Compadres' on a creative path rarely travelled.
And we bring TM Meditation to the world.

Watch the video for "I Am the Shaman" below.

At the end of the video, Donovan explains that the song is intended to raise money for education about Transcendental Meditation — something Lynch is a big supporter of.