David Duchovny Announces New Album 'Gestureland'

Hear the record's "Layin' on the Tracks"
David Duchovny Announces New Album 'Gestureland'
While everyone's distracted by the KeanussanceDavid Duchovny has kept his head down and continued to have an interesting post-X-Files career. In addition to adapting his own novel into a TV show, he's got a new album in the works.

Gestureland marks Duchovny's third album overall and his first since 2018's Every Third Thought. The album includes 12 new tacks, among them "Layin' on the Tracks," which you can stream below.

"The album represents three years of song writing over which time I think we developed into a band so there's a stronger element of deep collaboration here," he said in a statement. "The songs are obviously inspired by present day life and problems but we hope to make them universal. We also stretch our sound a little  — getting both heavier and lighter at different times. You want to know which songs are about me. None of them. They're about you."

Gestureland will arrive on August 20 via GMG/King Baby.


1. Nights Are Harder These Days
2. Holding Patterns
3. Chapter and Verse
4. Everything Is Noise
5. Stay Until
6. Tessera
7. Layin' On The Tracks
8. Playing At The Same Dream
9. Call Me When You Land
10. Mind Of Winter
11. Pacific Coast Highway
12. Sea Of Tranquility