Seekersinternational Present Their Ragga Preservation Society on New EP

Seekersinternational Present Their Ragga Preservation Society on New EP
Audio-jammers Seekersinternational have culled a mix of out-there ragga sounds for a new EP release. Combing peer-to-peer sharing services, pirate radio broadcasts and more is their RaggaPreservationSociety EP, which arrives November 4 via Diskotopia.

A press release explains that the upcoming package, which follows this year's LoversDedicationStation full-length, was put together using sounds from various "London pirate radio transmissions, Filipino-Canadian mobile DJ crew gatherings and new age music meditation communes." The collection contains 11 separate tracks, while it closes with two mixtape-style amalgams of the material.

"The sound palette may be familiar but the context and design are on some other shit," Seekersinternational member Papa Cool Breeze said in a statement. "Previously known only in their own circles, peer-to-peer networks and Usenet newsgroups, we are now presenting them to a wider listening massive."

In addition to the full time SKRS, the new EP also had the project joined by K!dlat, wzrdryAV and Light in the Attic ethnomusicologist Kevin "Sipreano" Howes (Native North America, Jamaica to Toronto).

"We formed this project to archive and showcase works that widen our scope of understanding of this Ragga diaspora," Howes explained of his involvement.

He added: "Rather than a sterile preservation of established templates, the RaggaPreservationSociety EP aims at preservation-by-expansion; championing instead ragga jungle's intrinsic spirit of ghetto-futurism and back-a-yard innovation; simultaneously cultivating the roots while fostering new fruits."

Below, you'll find the full breakdown for the upcoming EP, as well as a colourful, audio-visual cut-and-paste piece for its "TellURudebwoy."

Presents the RaggaPreservationSociety:

1. DubGanaGana

2. AmenBreadren (ft. Sipreano)
3. SoundDedication

4. DanceGwaan(EazeUp!)
5. NoCompetition (ft. K!dlat)

6. Bubblers(Inter-rude) (ft. Sipreano)
7. TellURudeBwoy (ft. wzrdryAV)

8. Channel2(MurderousDub)
9. ForwardTheBass

10. GunRingoX1&2 (ft. Sipreano)
11. InterOuterNational
12. Side A
13. Side B